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Recommended Readings – Recent Articles

Clinical Trials Series [NEJM] by Janet Woodcock…Jeffrey Drazen

Assessing the Gold Standard — Lessons from the History of RCTs [NEJM] by Laura Bothwell…David S. Jones

The Changing Face of Clinical Trials: Integrating Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Research with Patient Care [NEJM] by Louis Fiore and Philip Lavori

Visualizations That Really Work [HBR] by Scott Berinato

Biomarker Tests for Molecularly Targeted Therapies — The Key to Unlocking Precision Medicine [NEJM] by Gary Lyman and Harold Moses

Reining in the supersized Phase I cancer trial [Nature Reviews Drug Discovery] by Asher Mullard

Pursuit of a perfect insulin [Nature Reviews Drug Discovery] by Alexander Zaykov, John Mayer & Richard DiMarchi

Ten years of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor therapy [Nature Reviews Drug Discovery] by  Napoleone Ferrara & Anthony Adamis

Convertible visceral fat as a therapeutic target to curb obesity [Nature Reviews Drug Discovery] by  Antonio Giordano, Andrea Frontini & Saverio Cinti

Drugging DNA repair [Science] by Stephen Jackson and Thomas Helleday

Global Oncology Trend Report – a Review of 2015 and Outlook to 2020 [IMS Health] by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics

Aligning statistical and scientific reasoning [Science] by Steven Goodman

Venture Capital and Its Discontents [WSJ] by Christopher Mims

Clinical Implications of Basic Research: Repressing Immunity in Autoimmune Disease [NEJM] by Jagadeesh Bayry

A Plan For Big Pharma Involvement In Superbug R&D [Forbes] by John LaMattina

Clinical Development Success Rates 2006-2015 [BIO] by BIO

Big Data: A Game Changer in Healthcare [Forbes] by Bernard Marr

Vacation Policy [AVC] by Fred Wilson

Open Vacation [Only Once] by Matt Blumberg

Our Experience with First-Time Biotech CEOs: Five Behaviors That Matter [Life Sci VC] by Bruce Booth

New York’s leading health systems differ on growth strategy [Politico] by Dan Goldberg

Leading Teams: Wicked-Problem Solvers [HBR] by Amy Edmondson

How Big Pharma Uses Charity Programs to Cover for Drug Price Hikes [Bloomberg] by Benjamin Elgin and Robert Langreth

Coming of age: ten years of next-generation sequencing technologies [Nature Reviews Genetics] by  Sara Goodwin, John McPherson and W. Richard McCombie

Big Pharma Innovation in Small Places [Fortune] by  Jennifer Alsever

The U.S. spends more money on this medical condition than any other [The Washington Post] by Amy Ellis Nutt

From the analyst’s couch: Trends in clinical success rates [Nature Reviews Drug Discovery] by  Katarzyna Smietana, Marcin Siatkowski & Martin Møller

Lessons from a Recovering Academic [Cell] by Michael Ehlers

Drug development: A healthy pipeline [Nature] by Branwen Morgan

Microbiome: Bacterial broadband [Nature] by Michael Eisenstein


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