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Elections: 2012-2013 Alumni Network Executive Committee


The goal of the Alumni Network Executive Committee (ANEC) is to create a framework in which alumni can reap the benefits and opportunities that positively impact their careers and the bioscience community. Through developing strategic infrastructure and supporting partnerships, the ANEC aims to promote interactions between industry professionals, alumni, and current students and to actively attract highly qualified candidates to the Fundamentals program. The invaluable opportunity of serving on the ANEC allows committee members to develop leadership experience and gain insights into the life sciences industry as well as access to exclusive professional development opportunities. The ANEC members hold key leadership positions and will work closely with the Center for Biotechnology to achieve the goals of the network.

Position Descriptions

The President is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Executive Committee Members and Alumni Ambassadors.  It is the responsibility of the President, in consultation with the Center for Biotechnology, to develop the strategic objectives of the Executive Committee and ensure the timeliness and quality of execution of various programs, events, and communications administered by all committee members.

The President is the Ambassador of the Fundamentals Program and its Alumni, and is responsible for maintaining cohesion within the Executive Committee. He/she will be responsible for developing a strong relationship with alumni and helping to foster alumni and industry participation by ensuring the development and execution of the Executive Committee’s yearly agenda.

Executive Committee Members
Executive Committee Members, along with the network President, will be responsible for the development and execution of the Alumni Network strategic initiatives. Areas of responsibility that will be taken up by Committee Members include but are not limited to:  Communication (Websites, outreach to members and program promotion), Career Development, Community Development and Curriculum Development.

Nomination Guidelines:

• All Alumni and current students are eligible to serve on the ANEC.
• Candidates can be self-nominated or nominated by peers.
• Submit a Statement of Interest – Why do you want to join the ANEC? Let us know with a brief  statement indicating why you are the ideal candidate for the executive committee and what you hope to accomplish in your tenure.  This statement will be posted on the website during the voting process.
• Please submit the all of the following information to Kate Hutchinson , copying Heather Bielski via email Monday June 4, 2011:
1. Position you are interested in (Committee member or President)
2. Statement of Interest
3. If desired, optional endorsement course director
• The elections will be held on-line starting the week of June 11th. All Alumni will be eligible to vote.


**We are also looking for Alumni Ambassadors! Alumni who want to have a role in the alumni network and/or are considering a future position on the executive committee are encouraged to become an alumni ambassador. It’s a great way to get involved and help out the committee.  Please contact Kate Hutchinson for more information.**


Confirmation of the 2012 Alumni Network Executive Committee will be a joint decision by the Review Committee consisting of the Course Directors, Past ANEC Presidents and the Center for Biotechnology.

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