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Changes in NIH Will Influence Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

What Has Melinda Thomas Learned About Building the New York City Bioscience Ecosystem? In her new blog post, she reflects on the past two years she has spent in the role of New York City’s Entrepreneur in Residence. She evaluates her experience with the tech transfer offices and the local academic community, and explores prospects and models of augmenting a change. What was especially sad for me to read was that according to her perspective, being entrepreneurial in academia is still considered turning to the dark side. Read the post and see if you agree with her strategy to revive the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the New York City and New York State.

But!! There is a spark of hope!

In an interview  published today in Naturejobs, Francis Collins Рthe NIH Director himself(!) acknowledges the need of a contemporary PhD to embrace their innovative spirit and the need of academia to nurture it. Collins talks about changes being implemented to the NIH mission and how promoting non-academic careers fits into it.

These are very interesting perspectives, and I think they both indicate a hopeful future for STEM PhDs.


Posted by: Lidia Sobkow
Photo: Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., NIH Director,

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