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Join the 2015-16 Executive Committee

We're Looking for New Executive Committee Members! Leading the Alumni Network as an Executive Committee member provides you with an invaluable opportunity to develop leadership experience and gain insights into the life sciences industry.

The Pathways Seminar Series: New Session April 11th

Presented by FOBIP Alumni in collaboration with NYU and the Center for Biotechnology

Individuals with graduate Life Science degrees are leaving the academic lab behind and pursuing careers in all facets of the Life Sciences industry. The Pathways seminar series …

2014-2015 Executive Committee Members

Meet the six members of the 2014-2015 Alumni Network Executive Committee (ANEC). These individuals are dedicated to helping strengthen the connection of program alumni to the Center for Biotechnology’s Fundamentals of the Bioscience Industry Program.

Eleanor Allen, PhD
Richard Dell

“On Tuesday Operating the Mars Rover, on Friday Working at Starbucks”

This Friday a machete will be taken to the federal budget, unless another last-minute budget deal is reached. Years of failed congressional wrangling will yield across the board cuts of 8.2% for domestic discretionary spending. The cuts are much deeper …

Supreme Court takes on case of farmer versus Monsanto

The Supreme Court has decided to take on the case of Bowman vs. Monsanto. This case could have major repercussions for the biotechnology industry and what is patentable and enforceable depending on the scope of the decision.

In this day …