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Recent articles worth taking a look at. Click through for the entire list... Venture Capital and Its Discontents [WSJ] by Christopher Mims...Big Pharma Innovation in Small Places [Fortune] by Jennifer Alsever....Aligning statistical and scientific reasoning [Science] by Steven Goodman...

Meet the 2013/2014 Alumni Network Executive Committee (ANEC)

We are pleased to announce new members of the 2013/2014 Alumni Network Executive Committee (ANEC):

Valery Matthys, PhD Class of 2013

I am a recent graduate from the FOBIP course.
I enrolled in the course shortly after starting my …

“On Tuesday Operating the Mars Rover, on Friday Working at Starbucks”

This Friday a machete will be taken to the federal budget, unless another last-minute budget deal is reached. Years of failed congressional wrangling will yield across the board cuts of 8.2% for domestic discretionary spending. The cuts are much deeper …

Supreme Court takes on case of farmer versus Monsanto

The Supreme Court has decided to take on the case of Bowman vs. Monsanto. This case could have major repercussions for the biotechnology industry and what is patentable and enforceable depending on the scope of the decision.

In this day …

Changes in NIH Will Influence Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

With the recent acknowledgement from the NIH about the need for PhDs to embrace innovation outside of academia, a change in thinking about non-academic careers is possible.